Case StudyRothesay Bay, Auckland

2015 The Situation
1) The deck was ponding on the tiled areas.
2) A rebuild to a flat surface substrate and a trafficable waterproof membrane was required to stop leaking and prevent any inconvenience in the future.
3) We used a product and system at that time.
4) The system failed due to an important item in the system being swapped out because our supplier at that time ran out of the original stock item and told us, ‘there was no difference’.
5) September 2015 we changed suppliers and entered the world of DURADEK!

2017 Our Enduring Previous Supplier Challenge
1) The product failed for our client.
2) We discovered a strong odour coming from under the membrane.
3) The membrane was turning black.
4) We cut samples and sent them to a scientist and laboratory for further research.
5) It was proven our ‘then’ suppliers system had failed.
6) The deck needs a replacement.
7) Our ‘then’ supplier wanted no part in a warranty claim.
8) We wanted to stand-by our client, help them and show our integrity.

2018 The Solution
1) After no further response from our previous supplier, we were concerned for our clients health and safety, we took action!
2) We stood by the worthless warranty from our previous supplier.
3) A whole new substrate deck was replace and our new suppliers “DURADEK” membrane system was installed.
4) We supplied our client with our new supplier’s DURADEK warranty.
5) To say the least we have a very happy client and we can sleep at night knowing our integrity made it right when others choose to walk away from accountability.
6) The rest was left for the judicial system.
7) DURADEK is the NZ market leader in designer trafficable membrane and we’ve learnt – When you’re using the best, forget the rest.