Developed in Canada over 40 years ago, Duradek is the original sheet vinyl pedestrian trafficable membrane for waterproofing decks and balconies.

Why Duradek Works

Duradek is a PVC Trafficable Non-Slip membrane used for waterproofing mainly on decks, balconies and flat roofs (exterior use). The Duradek system is pre-engineered under strict quality control. It offers many advantages over the more traditional liquid applied systems. Often entrance ways and walkways on commercial buildings can not be closed, even for a day for renovation work to take place. Lengthy shut downs could mean loss of revenue and cause it to be an inconvenience. The Duradek PVC can be applied and used immediately, so there is no need for lengthy shut downs to occur.
By using Duradek, it means that once on the job site, there is no mixing, mess or smell. These could occur when using other waterproofing methods, such as liquid membranes. Once the substrate is prepared, the PVC sheets are rolled out, glued down and fastened at the perimeter. The sheets are welded together using a hot air welder, causing a completely waterproof system.

Duradek can be installed in almost any weather conditions, and even over some types of existing coatings, where as liquid systems often need ideal weather conditions as well as a well prepared subsurface in order to deliver a successful finished job. Even with heavy foot traffic and the most severe weather conditions, the Duradek membranes will outlast the “painted on” surfaces by years. They will not peel, chip, delaminate or crack, even on high use walkways.

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Duradek Okanagan Leather

Duradek Okanagan Flint

Duradek Okanagan Linen

Ultra Supreme Chip Sanoma

Ultra Supreme Chip Granite

Ultra Supreme Chip Taupe

Ultra Heritage Sunrise

Ultra Heritage Sienna

Ultra  Heritage Agate

Ultra Heritage Aspen

Ultra Forest Floor Ash

Ultra Forest Floor Birch

Ultra Forest Floor Alder

Ultra -  Cork Graphite

Ultra  Cork Espresso

Ultra Cork Macchiato

Ultra Surcoseal Suede

Ultra Surcoseal Greige

Ultra Surcoseal Grey

  Ultra  -  Classic  Steel

Ultra Legacy Pebble Beach

Ultra Legacy Barnwood

Ultra Legacy Driftwood

Ult. Legacy Desert Quartz

Ult. Legacy Arctic Quartz

PVC Dimensions

The Duradek membranes that Deckmaster NZ stocks, come in the following dimensions:

Width: 1.83m
Thickness: 60mils (1.5mm)
Length of Roll: 22.86 Lineal Metres